Thursday, April 17, 2008

Only A Homeschooler...

This is just WAY too cute. I know you'll enjoy reading it. Here's a snippet, but it gets much, much cuter...

Your 3 yr old son looks up from the leggo universe he’s building and suddenly notices that a math book in the bookcase has his name on the spine. Said son stops everything, grabs the book, and runs to mom.

“MOM! This has my own name on it! It’s my homework?! I can do this book?! It’s for me?! You got this for me?!”

I tell him that, yes, that will be his book when he turns 4 years old. When his birthday comes on __ he can have his own math book!

A crestfallen Tobey, “Oh. Not for me right now? Not until I’m four? I’m not four yet.” Eyes are starting to fill with tears. “I can’t do math yet?”

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