Monday, September 12, 2005


*Monday- We found Ohio on the map and did a map worksheet on Ohio, which had geography-type questions on it also, helping improve our map skills. We talked about memorials and monuments and what they represent. It was very easy to tie in our soldiers that are fighting right now for our freedom in Iraq.

*Tuesday- We talked about what the 'climax' of a story is and found the climax of Lentil. We then drew a 'hill' showing how a story starts out (the first side of the mountain), reaches a climax (the top of the hill), and then ends (the other side of the mountain). We thought about some of the other books we've rowed in the past and some movies we have watched and decided what we thought would be the climax of each.

*Wednesday- For art we looked closely at the illustrations and each made a guess as to what the illustrator used as his medium for the book. We discovered he actually used charcoal, something none of us guessed! We then got out a piece of charcoal and tried drawing our own picture. It wasn't too easy, but it was pretty interesting and new.

*Thursday- We learned all about our taste buds and made little folding/pop-out mouths with tongues! We also did a paper where we labled where the different taste buds are on our tongue. To test out our own taste buds, we had our first experience at tasting a lemon, then used the rest of the lemons to make our own homemade lemonade. We also talked briefly about 'tone' and how sounds get absorbed into carpet and furniture, but in the bathroom sounds 'bounce' and thus 'the tone is improved 100%'!