Saturday, January 20, 2007

More Pictures To Share

Since I haven't blogged much lately I thought I would share some pictures from our Christmas (and more). Enjoy!

2006-Gifts I made

These were the two gifts I made this Christmas... homemade hot chocolate and Corn Cuddlers (homemade heating pads without the cord!)

2006-Enjoying marshmallow guns

We ALL loved the marshmallow shooters the kids got for Christmas! How fun are they?! We plan on making more this spring so all the cousins can have fun outside with them.

2006-Boys tuckered out

Here's how we found the boy's Christmas evening. Too much excitement I guess.

Kristin asleep on Tony

And while we're at it... Uncle Tony seems to be pretty comfy. For never being around kids, ours seem to think he's the greatest! We can't wait for him to move here close to us!!

Me and Tony

And since we're talking about Uncle Tony, here's a picture of the two of us. We were cheated out of way too many years, but we're making up for them now! I love my baby brother so much my heart could burst!

2006-Children's C-mas play

This is from our church's Christmas play...

2006-Grandkids in C-mas play

...and these were just our kids and their cousins who were in the play, not counting our oldest who was playing one of the lead roles.

2006-Kaity in C-mas play

And here she is with her friends who played the other leading roles. Our 'angel' is in the back with the gold garland.

2006-Caleb in C-mas play

Both of our boys had solo's in this year's play. Here's our oldest boy, age 7...

2006-Cameron in C-mas play

...and here's our youngest boy, age 6.

2006-Keepers in C-mas play

Remember that I'm over our 'Keepers At Home' group at church? Well, these are just some of our girls who were also in the Christmas play. I'm so proud of all of them. I love them as if they were my own.

Kristin and Maysn

And I just had to include this picture simply because I think it's so precious. This is our youngest (right) and her 'best friend', her cousin who is also 5. They're like two little peas in a pod!

Kaity and Teshia

This is our oldest (left) with one of her very best friends. Aren't they beautiful young ladies?

2006-Grandkids at C-mas play

Cousins... those in the play, and those who came to watch.

2006- Kids at C-mas play

And our four angels!

Grandkids on Seth

I love this picture. That's my sweet hubby on the bottom with all but two of our neices, nephews, and our own kids. The two missing are the youngest (1) and the oldest (27).


And one more picture of all (but the oldest) cousins! What a WONDERFUL blessing for our children to have such a big family where they are all best friends and all live in the same town and attend the same church!