Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Two Pair of $25 Slippers for Only $1.06!!

Big, HUGE thanks go out to Michele (who got the idea from Nichole) about the awesome deal going on over at Victoria's Secret... on their SLIPPERS girls. On their slippers.

You can get TWO pair of slippers that normally retail for $25.00 EACH for only $1.06!! And I can confirm it because I've already placed my order!

Here are the details:

Go to the Victoria's Secret website (you will not want to have any little eyes watching over your shoulder when you do this).

Click on the Sales and Specials page.

Go to the 70% off clearance section and click on sleepwear in the drop-down box. They are clearanced at 2 for $6.

Choose your size and if they have any left (in your size) you will find them on page 4 or 5.

Upon check out enter the following two codes:
Free shipping code: TRYVS
$5 off your first purchase code: SP810573 (expires 4/23)

Have fun!!


Fran said...

Thanks for sharings this Christy!! I just ordered my two. I had to settled on patterns I wouldn't normally have picked, but who can complain for $1.06?!

I love your blog. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Sheri said...

I haven't ordered them, I really should try, but you know how that goes...probably won't happen.

Oh, and we just became a webkinz family also. My kids didn't even know what they were, and when one received one as a gift she had to have it explained to her.