Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Precious Boys

I snapped this picture last night when I went to check on the boys. They were fast asleep, arms locked. It was so precious I had to capture the moment. So what if the flash woke them up (it didn't), this was a moment I didn't want to forget. It was so cute.

Tonight however, they both got in trouble for talking during children's choir practice. We've warned them over and over and it was just time for a little more 'reminding'. Daddy took them into their room and talked to them and then gave them their 'reminder' while I sat in the den, my heart ripping out of me. Handsome was crying before they even went in there saying how sorry he was. Gosh this parenting stuff is hard sometimes. But we love our kids with a PASSION and we know what we do now will ultimately affect them for the rest of their lives.

Afterwards, Reece Cup came out to me with this pitiful little face and said, "Mom, thanks for loving us enough to make us gentlemen" and hugged me. Oh-My-GOSH! Talk about gripping your very insides and making you gush with pride at the same time!

I absolutely LOVE being a mom and I'm so thankful God saw fit to bless me with four of the greatest kids in the whole entire world!

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