Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Had An 'Ah Ha' Moment Today

We are very laid back homeschoolers and always have been. I'm not a big one on text books and tons of busy work. So with our Rod & Staff English we do most of the work orally. Usually I have the boys do something small with English that requires writing to help practice their handwriting. You know, kill two birds with one stone?

And with Baby Girl, if there's a worksheet that goes along with her lesson (not all lessons have a worksheet) we do the questions from the book orally together and then she does her worksheet.

But today her lesson was on doing an outline (again). She had read about them a few times, and we've discussed them, but I never had her actually do one. But today she was frustrated with reading about it again and said she just didn't get it. So, I walked her through an example outline and had her do one herself. It took her a while to complete it, but do you know what she said to me when she was finished?

"I finally feel like I've actually done something today". And she didn't even have a bad attitude about all the writing she did! She actually ENJOYED doing it! Talk about an 'AH HA' moment! She has no idea what she has done.

I'm looking forward to making her 'happy' again tomorrow!

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