Friday, April 4, 2008

I Almost Gave Up on CVS

I went to CVS this past Monday and left more irritated than I've been in a long time. Let me just say, we do not have the most friendly CVS employees. And their expressions and attitude let me know loud and clear that they don't have the time nor the patience to deal with those of us who are still just learning the in's and out's of shopping at CVS. I was overly-nice and apologetic, even returned the $4.00 too-much-in-change they gave me! So much for a smile being contagious!

Anyway, because my ECBs weren't printing like they were supposed to and some of the deals I had read others had done that I was trying to copy but the sweet, friendly CVS girls wouldn't let me do, I got a bit confused and flustered along with the icy-cold looks I was getting, I wound up spending $16.33, NOT what I had planned! But I also used $28.97 in ECBs and earned $11.97 in ECBs back. I'm lucky I made it out of there with anything because I was very tempted to simply say, 'Forget it!' and walk out leaving my buggy full of stuff behind.

Hopefully next week will be better. Think I'll go at a different time of day and hope I get more friendly workers.

To learn all about shopping at CVS, stop by Crystal's blog and click on 'New To CVS'.


Heather said...

Sorry about your experience! I have so been wanting to try this but just haven't yet and hearing your story almost makes me scared too! But I'm glad you didn't give up and saved some money. :)

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Oh, it so depends on the location and the cashier. I will drive a little further to go to a CVS I know won't give me a problem. And, I know most of the employees and the locations close to me. I know which ones to avoid and which ones will give me no problem. They truly can make or break your experience. If I have a repeat offender location, I always call the home office and report. They take that pretty seriously