Saturday, June 30, 2007

Warning: When Teaching Your Child How To Swing A Golf Club... NOT stand directly behind him!

Sweetie was helping Handsome learn how to keep his head still while swinging a golf club and told him to practice swinging from '3:00 to 9:00' (position of the club, NOT practice for 6 hours...LOL). Sweetie was standing directly behind him to help him get the feel of how to keep his head.

However, Handsome didn't stop at 9:00. He swung to 12:00, and well, you know what the rhyme says about 'striking 12'? Yep, he STRUCK 12 alright. (Note to self: add 'work on hands of the clock with Handsome' this next school year!).

It looked like someone had scalped Sweetie! He was COVERED in blood... his head, his entire face, all down and around his ear, most of his shirt... it looked really bad. But he didn't want to go sit in the emergency room all night and besides, "they'll shave my head in that one spot"! (For the record, from what I could tell I don't think it requires stitches. Just a lot of blood).

So, he has a 3-inch line of matted hair where it bled some more after he got in the shower (another note to self: shampoo STINGS on an open wound!) and a massive headache, some queasiness when trying to sit at the computer, and a lot of feeling nasueas (how DO you spell that word?). Having experience with them from his football days, he thinks he probably has a mild concussion.

Handsome cried for half an hour because he worships the ground his daddy walks on and it killed him to see him like that, bless his little heart.

Sigh... there's never a dull moment with our family!

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Marsha said...

Oi veh! Keep an eye on hubby, okay? A concussion can be quite serious.

My boys love to play yard golf too. We had some of David's old clubs cut down and re-gripped to fit the boys. They just love going out and hitting balls in the front yard-- away from the house and cars, thank you very much!

It always makes me smile to see them. They're not that good at it, but they sure do have JOY!