Friday, June 29, 2007

My Opinion on Ratatouille

We took our little ones plus a neice and nephew to see Ratatouille today so I thought I'd pass along my thoughts on it.

We have always loved Pixar movies. The animation is just SO unbelievable and life-like! We love, and own, Toy Story I & II, Monster, Inc., Finding Nemo, A Bug's Life... but, I don't know that we'll be adding Ratatouille to the collection. Let me rephrase that. We probably WILL own it one day because of my mom who loves to stock us up on DVD's every Christmas but I don't know how often I'll be watching it.

The story was ok although it seemed a bit slow and didn't keep the littlest one's attention like the other Pixar movies did, the animation was awesome, of course. But you know, there's just something about a bunch of RATS running across a kitchen that make you want to turn your head and pick your feet up while screeching EWWWW!! The one little main rat in the story I could handle, I guess. But when the whole gang came scurrying out, NO THANK YOU!

As far as anything offensive, there was only one instance of a word they could have very well left out. The mean little short chef says, 'Welcome to he**'. I don't know WHY they do that in a perfectly good movie (ok, well, besides the rats thing). But that's a whole 'nother blog entry.

So, was it worth seeing? Well, the kids enjoyed it but I think I would have rather saved our money and taken them to a water park or something a bit more fun and much less rodent-y!

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Marsha said...

We saw that last week and you are absolutely right-- the parts where the whole bunch of them scurried around was totally creepy! Ewwwww!!!

I also didn't care for the brief apartment scene/snippets where the girl is pointing a gun at her guy, shoots (and misses) and then they're kissing. And there was one more that I don't remember. Just gratuitous nonsense.

The boys enjoyed it though and I found it mildly amusing.

I really wanted to see Transformers... (this is also the part where I start singing the song in my head) ;-)