Wednesday, June 13, 2007

FINALLY! The Pounds Are Coming Off!!!

In case you missed the issue of Woman's World magazine a couple weeks ago, there was a lady on the front who had lost 100 pounds in only 5 months! The headline said, "Better Than Gastric Bypass". So naturally I HAD to find out what in the world this lady had done!

What I discovered is a new way of eating for both my hubby and I. It is based off of Atkins, only it doesn't allow the fat that Atkins does.

The success stories are PHENOMENAL! Hubby and I were excited and ready to see if this really did work the way all these people said it does.

I'm happy to report that ONLY after two days of being on the 'Kimkins' diet, as it was named by a faithful follower of the plan, I have lost 7.4 pounds and hubby has lost 6!! We both feel great and our hunger has drastically diminished! What a great thing!

I never had a weight problem all through school and on up until I got married. I'm 5'5" and always weighed 135. I had our first baby right before our first anniversary and by the time she was 18 months old I had some extra weight to lose.

I joined Weight Watchers and within a span of about 5 months I lost 36 pounds to get back to 135.

Then I got pregnant, and got back to 148 afterwards.

Got pregnant again, and got back to 162 afterwards.

Got pregnant again, gained a whopping 57 pounds, had my tubes tied, cut, and burned, got back to 163, hubby lost his job, started his own business, 3 years of HIGH stress, and well, now I weighed in at 214.8 two days ago.

I have tried going back to Weight Watchers (which DOES work, but I wasn't consistent because of having to work so hard just to lose a few pounds), I've tried different diet pills, I've exercised... but here's what I have found out about myself.

Since having four children AND a tubal ligation AND being 31 AND being under enormous stress for such an extended length of time, well, the weight just doesn't come off me without extensive daily exercise and I have to eat very strictly and NEVER waiver. If I do, the weight is right back on. If I don't exercise a LOT, the weight doesn't budge.

I am/was addicted to sugar (carbs?). I HAD to have chocolate every day! I had even taken to hiding what I was eating, stopping on my way home and getting a couple candy bars or a box of Little Debbie Fudge Rounds and eating them before I got home so my family wouldn't know.

I knew I had a problem and even though I knew I needed to change I felt defenseless. Even though I hated the way I looked and the way my clothes fit (or DIDN'T fit is more like it), it was like I was addicted to a DRUG! It was that bad.

I have learned that I'm a very emotional eater. And what better time to pig out than when you're under heavy stress? Little Debbie became my very best friend.

When I would try really hard and lose a few pounds I would feel good about losing, but also very discouraged that it took so much time and hard work just to lose those few pounds. And if I wavered one bit, forget it. Those few pounds plus a couple more were right back on, undoing all the hard work I had done.

It was all very discouraging, so I'd give up.

And so, I've stayed overweight for far too many years now, putting on more and more pounds every month.

But with Kimkins I have lost 7.4 pounds in two days without even exercising! Now, I do think exercise is great for our health and our bodies, and I do plan on getting back into doing it 5-6 days a week starting next week (just started TOM and very involved in VBS this week, so next week I'll add the exercise), but I'm just amazed that the weight is falling off so easily!

For a reality check: I don't plan on being a low-carber for the rest of my life. I know that's not for me. Once I have reached my final goal weight I will slowly start adding carbs back in and I will faithfully get on the scale to keep my weight in check. But my prayer is that by the time I reach my goal that my appetite and how I view food (i.e. the intense cravings) will have diminished, or hopefully disappeared!

I know myself. If I don't see immediate and quick results I won't continue. I also need deliverance from the addiction I have to sweets/sugar/carbs. Having so much extra weight on me has affected every area of my life. I won't let my husband 'see' me. I won't stand up and praise the Lord at church from fear of someone seeing how bad my clothes look since I no longer have anything that fits comfortably (or, heaven forbid, a piece of my clothing has wedged itself in one of my many 'extra folds of skin' while I was sitting and I don't notice is). I don't have the energy to play with my kids. I don't enjoy talking with people like I used to. My outgoing, friendly personality has turned into one that would rather just stay home away from everyone so I don't feel even worse about how I look.

Some may argue with my choice, but keeping all this extra weight on is far worse than losing it and I have found what's going to get it off!

Want to check out the Kimkins plan? Just go here.

Be sure to read through the success stories. You'll be amazed! That's what sold us on Kimkins... and it looks like hubby and I just might have our own story to share some day soon!


Marsha said...

That is so exciting and encouraging Christy!!! Keep up the good work!


WildAngel6 said...

I hope by now that you have realized that Kimkins is not the healthiest way to lose weight.

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