Monday, July 2, 2007

I've Always Wondered...

...what people said about me when I wasn't around. Do they talk about how much weight I've gained in the past few years? Do they comment on how I'm not always the best housekeeper? Are we referred to as 'those crazy homeschoolers'?

Well, I'm sure there are those who do actually talk about us like that, but last night at our church's 4th of July fireworks I was told something that nearly brought tears to my eyes.

A dear friend of ours told me that my mother-in-law had told her recently that she wishes that she had been more like me when her kids were little. She was always so busy and rushing around, but that I stop and explain things to my kids and talk with them, that I take the time to stop and smell the roses and enjoy my kids.

You just don't know what that means to me. You see, my mother-in-law is a wonderful housekeeper and I've always compared myself to her in that area and have always felt bad because I'm not the greatest at keeping things done like they need to be, like she does. But, I can say that I do love spending time with my kids and doing things with them like reading, swimming, building things, going to the library or park, etc. THOSE are the things that are going to last, the things that my kids (and me) are going to remember long after they're grown.

Yes, I do need to work on keeping my home running a little more smoothly so it stays at least decent, but I wouldn't trade the memories we have with our kids for the cleanest house in the world!

To know that this is how my mother-in-law thinks of me and actually tells others, well, that's worth more than she'll ever know.

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Marsha said...

What a lovely compliment to receive!

Just remember, you see your mil's housekeeping skills without little children in tow. I'm sure things are much different now than they were when her kids were young... Just as your house will be much cleaner and neater (for longer!) when your kids are grown.

*sigh* Time flies way too fast... it'll be here before we know it.

Marsha-- who agrees with your mil!