Thursday, May 10, 2007

This Is SO Me, But I Think I've Found My Miracle!

Story compliments of The Biggest Loser Club

When All or Nothing Equals Nothing

End the mental yo-yo and find a happier, slimmer you

Either you're eating everything in sight. Or you're being so strict with your diet that you deny yourself even a single cookie. Is this you?

If your answer is yes, you're an "all or nothing" dieter. "This is the most common pattern," says BLC nutrition expert Greg Hottinger. "One cause of 'all or nothing' is trying to make things happen too quickly, like sprinting out of the starting gates of a marathon run. This usually looks like undereating and overexercising. Both are a set-up for burnout, injury, and quitting."

"Another cause of 'all or nothing' is being perfectionistic, thinking that slipping up equals failure. The perfectionistic person cruises along at the beginning and then crashes after hitting the first big bump in the road."

How to solve the "all or nothing" syndrome? "You can't expect to be around delicious food without feeling its magnetic pull. You can, however, learn to take care of yourself in these situations, make healthier choices, eat mindfully, and take better overall care of yourself."

This article describes me to a TEE! I am an all-or-nothing kind of gal when it comes to losing weight and that's the biggest reason my attempts have failed time and time again over the years. I can be doing good, but if I mess up even just once and eat something I shouldn't or miss a day of working out, then forget it, I've messed up and might as well go ahead and go all out.

UGH! I get so frustrated at myself. It's like I just simply don't believe I'll ever really lose this weight, so why ever worry about it?

BUT!!! I think I have finally found my answer! My long-awaited miracle!! THE VERY THING I'VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR!!!

They even have this!

Can you believe it? Now just to save up my money and I can finally have the body I've always dreamed of! Oh happy, happy, joy, joy!

(Note: Yes, I really am just kidding.)

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Marsha said...

What? Are you saying that you don't think this will work?!

Boohooo.... and I've been saving up for it for so long...

Guess I'll go drown my sorrows in Marble Slab Ice Cream... *sigh*