Wednesday, May 9, 2007

About School

I realized I haven't posted much about our homeschooling lately. Well, that's because this whole semester has been so full of other activities that our schooling hasn't been anything consistent... at least nothing worth telling about.

The kids have been doing math, spelling, writing, etc. just to stay on course, but we all miss the FUN we used to have, especially with Five in a Row.

But with Baby Girl's community play she was in, all the kids playing and cheering for Upward, out-of-town family visiting, me starting to work, helping dad build his business, and all the other things life has brought our way, the fun 'extras' have simply been put on the back burner.

But you know, I'm SO beyond ready to re-capture those days. My kids aren't getting any younger and I don't want to lose any more days of having fun learning with them. Especially our oldest, who just turned 11. She'll be in 6th grade next year and is quickly getting to where she's 'too old' to do a lot of the fun stuff we used to do. She can't even play at the playground any more simply because she's too big.

So my plan is for us to school right on through the summer to stay on course since we've lost so much time already. But just for a couple hours each morning. And most importantly, to get back to having FUN with our learning. I still want to have plenty of park and library days and lots of swimming and hiking and picnics!

If you think of it, could you say a little prayer for my hubby's business? It's doing well, but we need to get to a certain number of customers and I can quit working at the hospital and we will be well on our way to complete financial freedom. Those two things will allow me to have all the freedom and peace I need to get back to having stress-free fun and true, pleasureable enjoyment with my kids and school again, with no other distractions or worries. Well, except what normal daily life brings.

How about you? How's your summer looking?


Mariah said...

Your blog looks great, Christy!

Mariah (FIAR boards)

PresleyFamily said...

Sounds like you guys have had a great time "off track" and are now ready to get back in the saddle. All these things have their own places in life. :) No big deal. You are doing great. We are doing a Little this summer just to keep fresh . Your blog is looking great. I read often but don't comment much!:)

Marsha said...

I miss the FIAR days as well! But we are enjoying our lessons when we have them. It's just been so busy with one thing after another. While I NEED to stay home (for the rest of the calendar year!), we're heading out of town again tomorrow for my niece's 1st birthday. I suppose I can always catch up on academics, but relationships... those need constant care, don't they?

Have a wonderfully splendid Mother's Day, Christy!