Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Oh, The Mind of a 5-Year-Old!

Our youngest little Princess absolutely just cracks us up. She comes out with the funniest and most of the time off-the-wall things you could never think of! Here are just a few examples from the past week:

*I told her that we were going to be going for a very long drive, 6 hours to be exact, and that we'd be sitting in the van that whole time. She said, very matter-of-fact, "That's ok. I'll just chew gum." Ooooo-kay.

*It started raining one morning and out of the blue she said, "Well, we can't go hunting now 'cause it's raining." Huh?

*My brother's dog's name is Pepper and she is missing most of her teeth. When we 'met' her for the first time last week I asked Princess why she thought they named her Pepper. She thought about it for a minute then said, "'Cause peppers don't have teeth and she doesn't have teeth, so they named her Pepper!"

After picking ourselves up out of the floor, I said, "Honey, what color is Pepper?"


"And what color is the pepper you put on your eggs?"


"Then why do you think they named her Pepper?"

(Her little eyes lit up) "Because pepper is black and she is black... and because she doesn't have teeth!"

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Marsha said...

Pepper... Makes sense to me, mommy! Better not ask her anymore or she's going to start thinking that you just don't get it! ;)