Wednesday, May 16, 2007

If You Give A Homeschooling Mom a Cookie

If you give a Homeschooling Mom a cookie, she’ll want the recipe.

She will plan a complete unit study on the History of Cookies.

The family will take field trip to a farm and see where we get eggs, milk and grain.

At home they will make butter out of milk.

The children will want to start grinding their own grain.

Mom will purchase a Bosch Universal Kitchen System.

She will realize that she needs a new list of cookbooks, so she will order “An Introduction To Whole Grain Baking w/ CD”, “Desserts”, “The Cooking With Children CD”, and “Lunches & Snacks Cookbook” by Sue Gregg, also “Whole Foods for Kids to Cook”.

Mom orders a 100 lb bag of wheat berries.

Now she will grind her own wheat grain into flour.

The children will remember the field trip to the farm and knowing they can’t possibly get a cow, they beg for a few chickens.

So they take a trip to the library to research how to build a chicken coop and how to care for chickens.

On the way out the door Mom sees the book, “Chicken Tractor” by Andy Lee & Pat Foreman.

They stop by the Feed and Seed to pick up materials and ask where to purchase the chicks.

There the clerk tells them about eggs that can be incubated.

He sells them eggs,a book on hatching eggs, and an incubator.

At home Mom and the younger children set up the incubator while Dad and the older children build the chicken tractor.

Back to the library to pick up gardening books and more books on chickens.

The oldest daughter now starts a business grinding flour for her friend’s families.

...while her younger sisters are selling homemade cookies to their neighbors.

The boys have started building a new chicken tractor because they want more eggs for breakfast.

The cookie that started this all? The homeschooling mom’s three year old ate it.

by Sher Birminghambased on “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff


Marsha said...

While my THOUGHTS follow that line (I'm seriously thinking about getting a bag of wheat berries and chickens/tractor later this summer!)... my ACTIONS would most likely be:

1. Get a big class of, make that coffee.
2. Hide in the corner in an attempt to not have to share my cookie.
3. Be found by my boys.
4. Pour 3 glasses of milk and split the cookie into 1/4ths.
5. We all eat and hope that it was a BIG cookie!

Anonymous said...

Marsha's comment is too funny! Love it! :)

Christy - hey! Just wanted to pop over and tell ya that you've been tagged again!