Wednesday, September 10, 2008

If You've Ever Felt Sad or Tired for No Reason...

Then you might want to try Levity Vitamins. I have a hard time making it through the winter months without dealing with a bit of depression, SAD they call it (Seasonal Affectivness Disorder I think) and taking Levity Vitamins help me feel more normal! My family LOVE Levity...LOL!

Here is a quote from their website...

"Millions of women don't feel their best and don't know why. They're not outright depressed, but they aren't really happy either. They eat too much or have gained weight lately. They find it hard to concentrate or have trouble sleeping. They feel tense, anxious, or irritable, or they're highly sensitive to criticism. They're tired and not very interested in sex (or even everyday life)."

They also have a book entitled "When Your Body Gets the Blues" and you can get a new hardback copy for FREE! It is really eye-opening about why women's bodies go through different emotions, why we feel the way we do and how to help feel better. I have this book and highly recommend it if you've ever dealt with feelings of depression or struggle to make it through those long, dreary winter months.

(And no, I don't make anything by telling you about this. I just thought it might help other moms out there enjoy their families a little more).

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