Sunday, September 14, 2008

Coupon Overload!

They say experience is the best teacher and I have to admit, I've learned this particular lesson the hard way.

Never again will I let my coupons pile up. Oh. My. Gosh. I have just spent the past THREE DAYS clipping through months of coupon inserts (including many duplicates), separating and organizing them, and then placing them in my new coupon binder that I copied off of Alyssa. I have to say, I think that I'm really going to like this new system! I had been simply writing the date of the inserts with a big, bold marker on the front and clipping just the ones I needed to take on my planned store trips.

However, most of my trips to the store are, SURPRISE, not planned. So those stacks of coupon inserts were doing nothing more than taking up space and making a mess. They certainly weren't helping me save any money, which is kinda the whole reason for having coupons.

Now I can easily see what coupons I have any time I need to. Since my grocery budget has recently been reduced, I'm really hoping this will help me save more than I have in the past. Its funny how when you have a large grocery budget you don't really think about trying to save as much money as you can but take that excess money down to a more reasonable amount and boy oh boy does it become REALLY important to get the best bargains you can. I should have been doing that all along!

Anyway, I'll let you know how it goes!

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MrsMomma said...

Great binder idea! That would be a perfect place to keep the price book, also. One place for everything.

How's your book coming along, by the way? Mine is coming together slowly. But I've great plans. Does that count??? LOL