Thursday, August 14, 2008

I've Learned More Than I Ever Thought Possible...

...about the Olympics!

I just wanted to give you an update on how our Olympic unit study is going. I can't believe how much we've covered in just a week of the study. Here is a list of things we have covered so far, not counting all the quotes/scriptures the kids have written for handwriting and all the words they have matched up to their definitions (all of which are straight from the unit study)...

Greece (Athens, ancient)
Ancient Olympics
Air Resistance
History of the Olympics (ancient and modern)
Countries and the medals they've won in different sports
Jim Thorpe
Ancient Olympic sports
Metric units
Jesse Owens
Wilma Rudolph
Olympic stamp
Pierre de Coubertin
Our bodies (exercise, nutrition, our heart, etc.)
Olympic motto
Equestrian events

I just can not tell you how wonderful this study is. It has saved me SO much time and work and I have learned nearly as much as the kids have! We will most definitely be using more of Amanda Bennett's unit studies.

Along with this study we are LOVING watching Michael Phelps win all those gold medals and being amazed at how awesome the Chinese are at gymnastics. We are really enjoying this year's Olympics! How about your family?

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