Tuesday, August 26, 2008

God Has Saved Our Lives Once Again!

As I was driving to the boy's first football game tonight a man on a backhoe pulled out into the road in front of me. Although I swerved to miss him the bucket of his backhoe ripped down the side of our van, tearing off the side sliding door! Thank GOD nobody was sitting next to that door!

But Baby Girl and Reece Cup were sitting on that side, Baby Girl beside me in the passenger seat and Reece Cup in the very back seat. I can't believe no one was seriously hurt! Baby Girl had cuts all up her right arm and hand, but unbelievably NO glass in her arm at all! Just one cut was a bit deeper and they used steri-strips on it. Reece Cup had some glass in his clothes and one teeny tiny cut on his hand, but nothing else. Princess and Handsome were untouched.

I am very sore... chest, back, shoulder blades, etc., and I'm sure tomorrow morning will be unbearable, but I can't complain. All X-rays turned out fine. My heartrate was 124 beats per minute when I got to the hospital and my blood pressure was 141/104(or something very close to that) right before I was discharged, but all that is back down now. (Below is a picture of my worst visable injury. We can't figure out how I got this, but it hurts like the dickens.)

There are SO many ways this could have been a much more terrible outcome. Had I hit him straight on, had one of the kids been sitting next to that side door, had it also taken Baby Girl's door off, had glass still shattered like it used to years ago instead of breaking into chunk-like pieces, had the backhoe been out just a few inches farther, had someone been coming the other way... I shudder at these thoughts because any of them mean one or more of my babies would be in Heaven right now.

God is so wonderful and I praise Him and give Him ALL the glory and honor for once again saving the lives of my babies!

I have more, but I really need to go be with my babies right now. They're all pretty shook up, so please keep them in your prayers. I'll post more tomorrow.


Marcy said...

Christy....so grateful tonight that you are all ok. What a horrible site to behold!

Praying that you are all sleeping soundly and peacefully as I type this, safely resting in His arms.


Sheri said...

Oh Christy! How scary! Praying for you all AND rejoicing with you. God did have his hands protecting your family!

Tell Baby Girl that Madi is praying and praising too!

Melinda said...

Hugs to you! Praise God that he kept this from being worse. Praying that everyone one recovers quickly.

Becky & Co. said...

So thankful you are all safe!!

Michele said...

PTL you are all ok! How scary! Hug those kidlets very tightly.

Sarah said...

Hugs to all of you, I am so glad you are all ok. Thank God for His protection.

Janne said...

Praising the Lord for His protection!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Christy,
I am so sorry that you and the children had such a terrifying experience. You certainly have much to be thankful for.
I am so thankful too that our friends are o.k.!
Frank and Robert said to tell the boys hello.

MrsMomma said...

Oh Christy! I'm so thankful you & your family are ok!

Diane said...

Praise God you guys were all alright.

Lisa said...

Wow! So glad your injuries were so minor. That picture of the van is crazy!

By the way...

You are an award nominee! Check it out at:


deleise said...

Oh my goodness! Thank God you are ok! That looks awful.

Lynn said...

Christy, I'm very glad you all are okay. That was really, really close.