Saturday, February 16, 2008

My New Hobby

What says "You're so special to me" like a handmade blanket that keeps you toasty warm?

A couple years ago I started making no-sew fleece blankets and I thought I'd share some pictures of them. There are no other blankets that are so soft and warm and cozy!

This was my first one. I made it for Christmas 2005 for Sweetie's grandmother who is in a nursing home. The kids picked out the fleece. Isn't it so pretty?

Blanket kids made for Gr. Granny
Then I moved on to make my mom this one for Christmas in 2006. She loves Eeyore, so as soon as I saw this fleece I knew she'd love it.
Mamaw's blanket

For this past Christmas I made this one for Sweetie's mom. She loves cardinals, so this was perfect...except it seems that I may need to make one for my dear father-in-law now since he snatches this one from her quite often. LOL.

This year each of the kid's got their very own blanket made with all the love I could pour into them! They each got to pick out their own fleece. This is Baby Girl's, who is the BIGGEST High School Musical fan.

Next is Handsome's. He played football for the first time last Fall and he was on the Bengals team. We also live only a few hours from Cincinnati, and orange and black just happen to be the colors of the high school football team daddy played for and now helps coach. So this one was a no-brainer.

This is Reece Cup's blanket. He loves Scooby Doo, so he was the first one to have his fleece picked out when we went shopping. As soon as he saw this he grabbed it off the shelf!

And last but not least, here's Princess's. She's just crazy about cats, so this fits her perfectly.

Sitting in my living room right now is 6 yards of even more fleece because Sweetie's birthday is today and I had been catching him snatching the kid's blankets, so I knew he'd love one of his own. I wanted to give it to him today because it is his birthday, but I had to special order the fleece and it just came in yesterday. I'll blog pictures of it just as soon as I get it finished. He's going to LOVE it!

Oh yeah, my mom also has 6 yards of puppy dog fleece that she wants made into a blaket as well, and how unfortunate for her that she's in physical therapy for her shoulder and can't really make it herself. Hmmm... wonder how she expects to get that blanket made.

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