Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bracing For a New Chapter In Our Lives

I took Baby Girl to the orthodontist today and I bet you can't guess what he said. Yep, it's time for braces. On top and bottom.

This will be a first for us. I didn't have them and even though Honey should have had them, he didn't. In fact, he was told that they needed to take out pieces of his jaw bone and move his jaw back in order for his teeth and jaw to sit right. Talk about scaring the heebie jeebies out of a kid! Needless to say, his jaw is still completely in tact.

But thanks to this seemingly inherited paternal trait, I believe Baby Girl is only the first of 3, possible 4, sets of braces we'll be seeing in this family over the next decade.

She's not happy about this at all, but after we've talked about all the people we know who have had braces and how beautiful their teeth are I think she's starting to be ok with the idea a bit more. We go back May 1st to get the process rolling. I'll keep you posted, with pictures of course! :)

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