Saturday, February 16, 2008

My First CVS Trip!

I have been learning how to find great deals and save lots of money from Crystal over at Money Saving Mom, and today was my very first time in a CVS Pharmacy Store. I even drove to the next town just to see what all the excitement is about!

Well, let me just say that even though I took Crystal's advice and started out small, it WAS a lot of fun. I only bought three things, but here's how it broke down...

*The Gillette razor was NORMALLY $11.99, but was on sale for $9.99. I had a coupon for $4.00 off, so I only paid $5.99. When you bought this razor you earned $6.00 in Extra Care Bucks, which is like 'banking' free money to use the next time you shop there (or according to my receipt, by March 16th). So overall, I actually came out in the good by .01!

*The toothpaste was NORMALLY $2.59, but was on sale for $1.88. I had a $1.00 coupon, so I only paid $.88. With this purchase I earned $1.00 in Extra Care Bucks, so on this I came out $.12 in the positive!

*And last, the box of Excedrin was NORMALLY $4.49, but was on sale for $3.99. I had a $2.00 coupon PLUS when I picked up the box I noticed there was an additional coupon on it for another $1.00 off! THAT'S when I got excited! LOL. So I actually wound up paying only $.99 for it. With that, I earned another $2.00 in Extra Care Bucks, so I came out $1.01 in the good!

So all in all I paid $7.86 (not including tax) for 3 items that would have normally cost me $19.07. In addition to that, I earned $9.00 in Extra Care Bucks, or 'free money', for the next time I go. I call that a pretty darn good deal. It's like CVS GIVING me $1.14 just for buying these three items!

I'm just starting to learn my way around all the CVS deals and couponing and such, but if this is any indication of how much money I'm going to be saving, I'm VERY excited!

If you'd like to learn the basics on how to start saving money at CVS, jump on over to Crystal's blog and read her CVS 101 post.


Tricia said...

I tried it for the first time today.

I spent $90. Used several manufactures coupons too.

I got $50 in CVS Extra Bucks! I got A LOT of stuff for $40!

erinmaha05 said...

Wow. I don't even know what a CVS is, I'll have to check it out. Being a single mother, I have to watch every penny I spend.