Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

Here are some pictures from our trip to Bear Wallow Farm a couple weeks ago...

The kids anxiously awaiting the parents to get their act together and let the fun begin!

Baby Girl feeding the goats.

Handsome getting friendly with the goats.

Reece Cup wasn't too thrilled (read: scared) with letting a goat eat out of his hand, but mommy gently talked to him and explained that some things are going to be a little scary, but that's why mommy and daddy where there, to help him try new things and to keep him safe. I got him to trust me that I would never let anything bad happen to him, he bravely stuck his hand out, and he loved it!

Princess, who isn't afraid of anything!

These ducks would climb up, get a few nibbles to eat, then slide down ONTO the other ducks! We all thought this was so funny to watch.

Ever seen an albino goldfish? Or ones so huge?!

Llamas, one of which we're thoroughly convinced is Kuzco!

Long-horned steer.

Our hay ride took us to the pumpkin patch where everyone got to pick their own pumpkin!

Pumpkin launcher! If you look really close you can see the tiny dot that was this poor pumpkin that got launched some 600 feet into the air and disappeared into some far-off field... let's HOPE!

The kids are used to mommy making them pose for those ever-so-precious pictures.

Inside a TeePee. They thought they could hide from the camera!

Doing a rain dance, which is MUCH needed here!

One of the momma's CLEARLY reading the rules of the huge corn maze to the boys!

An ariel picture of the corn maze we went in. We entered at the entrance pictured in the bottom right of this picture. This was a lot of fun!

It was a GORGOUS day!

I love fall scenes like this, and against that beautiful sky... sigh.

A couple fall pictures from inside their barn/shop.


Marsha said...

The raindance picture is my favorite! Talk about getting into the spirit of things! :-)

We are actually going to visit Dewberry Farm on Thursday. It is SO hot right now though... but we will have fun in the corn maze and all the other fun activities they had. I just wish they had more shade!

And who can resist the goodies in the barn? I always have to get a jar of jam or three.

diane said...

I love these pictures and of the apple farm. We don't have anything like that here, sadly, so I'll just have to live through your autumn trips. :)

Rachel said...

Great pictures!!! It looks like a great place to visit! We went on Fri. to Frazier's Farm, but it was not nearly as green or have as many activities as Bear Wallow.

Jammy said...

WOW! Looks like you all had an amazing time!! What great memories you are all storing up. ;-)