Monday, October 29, 2007

10 Reasons We Love Mom

My birthday was back on the 6th of this month and this is what my beautiful children presented me with (not the pizza, just this typed up on paper), picture and all...

10 Reasons We Love Mom

1. She loves us with all her heart.

2. She cares about us.

3. She loves the Lord.

4. She teaches us about God.

5. She loves us enough to punish us.

6. She feeds us.

7. She washes our clothes.

8. She buys us goodies.

9. She listens to us.

10. She takes her time to homeschool us.

Isn't that just the most precious thing ever? They all gathered behind closed doors and made this list together, typed it up and printed it out, and gave it to me on my birthday. Talk about making this mommy cry!


Tricia said...

AWWWW! How Sweet!

PresleyFamily said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you! All the hard work pays off when you get notes like that! Way to go!

Marsha said...

How completely and totally thoughtful and precious!!! That would definitely go in my KeepForever box!



diane said...

That's so awesome!

JenIG said...

Happy Birthday! plus... you won the physics book. :) email me your info and i'll send it out this week.