Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Apple Orchard

A couple weeks ago our local homeschool group took a trip to Haney's Appledale Farm and Bear Wallow Farm (pumpkin patch). Here are some pictures from the apple orchard (I'll post pictures from the pumpkin patch in the next post)...

What a great bunch of kids, listening so well to Mr. Haney.

Brrrr! This cooler where the apples are stored stays at 35 degrees.

We got to watch the apple-washing/sorting machine at work.

Princess with her apple. Because of a hard freeze back in the spring, Haney's lost most of their crop for this year. We were allowed to pick an apple off the ground and eat it, but not off the trees like usual. So what did Princess do first thing? Yep, plucked that little baby right off the first tree she came to! Sigh... guess she wasn't listening as well as I thought she was.

Don't these boys look like trouble? Actually, they are a very good bunch of boys.

Baby Girl with one of the biggest apples we've ever seen!

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