Sunday, October 28, 2007

Harvest Party 2007

Our church hosts an annual Harvest Party and this year's was held last night. Here's how our kiddo's went this year...

Baby Girl was a lady from the Renaissance. Doesn't she look so grown up? Sniff...

Handsome needs no explaining. Doesn't he look SUPER COOL?! He was very popular with all the little kids. They kept coming up to him and touching him!

Reece Cup was Boba Fett, also a bad guy from Star Wars. Wasn't mamaw just the greatest to find him this (LOUD) gun? Sigh... life with boys, aye?

Finally, doesn't Priness make the prettiest little Snow White you've ever seen?

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Marsha said...

How FUN!!! Everyone looks so cute... er, cool... My boys would be all over that Darth Vader costume! Yup, we have a ton of those loud guns here as well. Gotta love it!