Monday, August 13, 2007

What Memories Are Your Kids Storing Away?

We have just started reading the third book in The Chronicles of Narnia series and a few nights ago I sat in our big comfy chair instead of the couch to read our latest chapter like I had been.

Before I even began reading Baby Girl asked me to move over to the couch, next to the lamp where I usually sit while I read (simply because someone was usually already in the big comfy chair...LOL). I asked her why she wanted me to move and she said, "Cause that's where you always sit when you read to us and it just doesn't feel right when you sit somewhere else!"

I had no idea this was a something that was important to her or something she even noticed! *I* didn't even realize that I usually sat in the same place to read each night.

I have memories like that, things I remember just a certain way from when I was a kid. And those memories are so dear to me. How about you?

Kind of makes me wonder what other things my kids are going to remember when they're older... Hmmm, that can be a scary thought!


Autumn said...

Just wanted to stop in a say hi. I saw your e-mail to the homeschool group about blogs, so I figured that I would just let you know that I have one by leaving you a comment.
God Bless,

Jammy said...

What homeschool group do you belong to? Is it a local thing or online?

I often think about the memories my children will have as well. :) I think we all prob. do!