Saturday, August 18, 2007

Stacked-Up Blessings

Even though there are days when I could konk their little noggins together, it's times like this that bring pure joy to my heart. I didn't even have to make them pose for this picture. They were just playing and this Kodak moment presented itself.


Ginger said...

CUTE! I gotta get my kids posed like that now. Love it!
Tonight, I was supposed to be getting the boys dressed for bed, but I just stopped at the top of the stairs and watched by littlest climb the stairs. She's so adorable, I just relished the moment.
Joy comes in moments.

Jammy said...

That is just BEAUTIFUL!! And to think you didn't have to threaten beg or coerce to get the shot...hehehe! I think shots like these are the most treasured personally!

I LOVE it!


Marsha said...

What a perfect picture!

I think I would make it b&w, fuzz out the background a little and frame it!!! Beautiful smiles all around (just like their mommy).