Monday, November 10, 2008

Nov. 10-14, 2008: Homeschool Freebies of the Day

Just in time for thanksgiving, here are this week's Homeschool Freebies of the Day!

Monday, Nov 10: Pilgrim Stories I -
From Old Homes to New (PDF ebook)

This week we are featuring this absolutely delightful three part serialization of the story of the Pilgrims - perfect for "read aloud" and sharing with the kids over the next couple of weeks!

In Part One, we meet the Pilgrims and learn why they were forced to leave their homes in search of a place they could freely worship... a journey which had many false starts, and eventually became a hazardous journey across the ocean in hopes of reaching the "New World".

Tuesday, Nov 11: Pilgrim Stories II -
The Wild Land & Thanksgiving (PDF ebook)

In Part Two, the Pilgrims at long last arrive in the "New World", only to find it a truly "wild land" filled with incredible danger and hardship. Providentially, they are befriended just when they need it most, and the very first Thanksgiving is celebrated.

Wednesday, Nov 12: Pilgrim Stories III -
Little Pilgrims & The Red Men (PDF ebook)

In Part Three, we learn how children from the Pilgrim settlement fared with their encounters with their Native American neighbors - this includes some outstanding
stories of danger, adventure & friendship!

Also included in Part Three: A great "Teacher's Guide" to learning more about the Pilgrims' life and times through play-acting and other fun activites. Great stuff!

Thursday, Nov 13: An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving by Louisa May Alcott
(PDF ebook)

The author of "Little Women" tells this classic story re-capturing the celebration of Thanksgiving as it was observed in the early 1820s in rural New England. It is a tale full of family, fun, humor, long-lost traditions, and the smells and tastes of a Thanksgiving day "way back when".

Friday, Nov 14: The Path of Praise (mp3 audio)
Don't miss this excellent audio program on the history of the observance of the Thanksgiving holiday, from Pilgrim days, through the Revolutionary War and to the Civil War and beyond. Great history that really gives your kids a sense of what the holiday is all about!

Make a note of the ones you want, and be sure to stop by that day and get your copy!

You can download all of these on their respective days at Homeschool Freebie of the Day.

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