Monday, October 6, 2008

A Really Cool Place for Kids

On our way back home from my brother's we stopped at a place in Indiana called Kids Commons. They had an Explore-a-House thing where the kids could learn how a house works and what lies behind the walls and this was the kid's favorite part...

It was actually a slide but made a 'flushing' sound as you went down. How do you think this will look on our Christmas cards this year? LOL!

How cool is this?!

And for all my Five in a Row sisters, this one's just for you. Can you see what Princess is wearing?

Here, let's get a closer view, shall we?

That's right. Those are a pair of Red Clogs she's got on her feet!

And I just loved this... they left the field of corn and built the Home Depot store behind it! We have never seen so much corn in all our life as when we went through Indiana. God bless all those corn growers! We LOVE you!


Shannon C said...

My dd loves A Pair of Red Clogs. How fun to be able to try a pair on!

Shannon C
(p.s your live traffic feed looks pretty busy)

Sea Star said...

Wow does that place look like fun. My kids would really have enjoyed being flushed too!