Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Lesson Well Learned

Shopping at Kroger using coupons, most of which were doubled...$28.55

Shopping at K-Mart during their double coupon days...$14.44

Shopping at Wal-Mart using a few coupons which are never doubled... $106.42

Realizing that you aren't really saving as much money as you thought by shopping at Wal-Mart... priceless!

(Not to mention noticing how desperately I need to make out a menu before I go! I'm embarrassed to see how much junk I bought and how few meals I can actually put together for the amount of money I spent. It's most definitely a learning process but this week's trip taught me a whooooole lot!)

(Kroger: saved $35.31 between coupons and Kroger card, a total savings of 55%. K-Mart: saved $17.14 going on double coupon day, a total savings of 54%. Wal-Mart: saved $10.70 using coupons, a total savings of around 9%.)

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Shannon C said...

Good lesson to learn! I need to stay away from the trap of buying something just b/c it's a good deal or a I have a coupon. I then end up with a pantry full or junk food or stuff I can't actually use in a recipe. It's all a balancing game. I need to pay more attention to Kroger deals. I usually end up at WalMart b/c I spend so much when I go to Kroger, but it's usually without coupons, etc.

Shannon C