Monday, October 6, 2008

I Must Say...

...if you are ever passing through Effingham, Illinois and need a place to rest your weary head then you should stay at the Country Inn & Suites. We took a weekend trip last month for my brother's baby shower. (Well, it wasn't technically his baby shower, it was his baby's baby shower, but, well you get the point).

Anyway, we were SO impressed with the town itself along with how nice the hotel was. Very clean, very nice people... oh my goodness, this is beginning to sound like a commercial!

Tell you what, how about some pictures of our trip instead?

This is the lobby of the hotel. Isn't it beautiful? So warm and homey. You could even borrow books to read while you were there and if you weren't finished by the time you checked out you could take the book with you and drop it off at any other Country Inn & Suites! How cool is that? Too bad I discovered that on the last morning we were there.

This is where a huge breakfast was served every morning... biscuits, gravy, eggs, toast, sausage, bacon, pancakes, waffles, omlets, muffins, cereal, oatmeal, bagels, OJ, milk, coffee... you name it, it was served. And it was free! Oh, and very yummy. This saved us a ton of money feeding the kids.

Here's a couple of my little monkeys enjoying the simpler pleasures in life!

Look at this giant cross! Isn't it beautiful? What a beautiful sight to behold every day.

Reece Cup placed a pin on the map showing we had been there. (No, we're not from where his hand is, he's just feeling all the pins in that one spot since there are so many.)

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Shannon C said...

Country Inn and Suites is great! We stayed at one in TN and it was really nice and homey. They were even giving away books and activity packs to kids, I think it was tied to a movie promotion or something, but I thought it was neat.