Saturday, May 17, 2008

Baby Girl's Tonsilectomy Update

Sorry for the gross picture. While that's not actually Baby Girl's tonsils, that is pretty much what they looked like. The surgeon told us that when he removed them everyone in the operating room was SHOCKED at how big they were. They were also full of 'gunk', as he put it. So I'm sure you can see why we're so relieved to finally have them out. It's been nearly 10 days now and Baby Girl is feeling much better. Her snoring is now completly gone and her voice sounds so much clearer!

She sure was treated like royalty after she came home from surgery! Gifts, new movies (which she was allowed to watch as much as she wanted), visits from friends (who brought her a Frosty!), special foods just for her, mommy sleeping in her room for three nights, and these two special deliveries. Her day brightened when these were delivered to her.

From her aunt, uncle, and cousins.

From our church.


Da-Red-Head said...

I'm glad things went well for your baby girl. My baby girl had her tonsils & adenoids removed a year ago this month. She was 6 at the time & had to be kept overnight in the hospital. I'm so glad we had it done! Her tonsils were huge & infected as well. Now she doesn't choke when she eats. She breathes so much better. No more snoring! She's been so much healthier! We prayed about it for a while before making the decision to have them removed, and I'm so thankful to God that He gave us the wisdom we needed to make the decision! I'm so glad for your daughter!!!

Sheri said...

Yikes! glad she seems to be doing better