Saturday, December 15, 2007

Whew! I'm back.

What a busy few weeks it has been around here! My mom had surgery on her shoulder and since she lives by herself, Baby Girl and I tried to do all we could to help her out that first week.

Then it was time to buckle down and get ready for our church's childrens Christmas play, which was tonight. Sweetie ran the sound, Princess had a solo and the rest of us had parts in the play. This was my first time being on stage, so I wasn't able to sit and take the hundreds of pictures I normally do! My mom did the best she could with one hand, so here's a few to show off my kiddo's.

Princess is in the front row, the second from the right, in the burgandy. When did she become one of the taller kids? Sigh...

Baby Girl played a reporter whose name was "Blonde... Jane Blonde"! She was writing a front page story for The Morning Star Newspaper for Christmas morning and wanted to find out about "this whole manger scene, wise men, baby Jesus story". Handsome is in the tan, as Joseph, and Reece Cup is in the red. He was the 'sound engineer' in the play. (And I played Mrs. Evans, the choir director, but I'm not in any picture that will showed here! LOL.)

In other news, here's some other things we've been staying busy with lately...

We went carolling at the nursing home with some others from our church. All but one of the little ones are ours and their cousins!

And this is what you do while waiting for the grown ups to finish at the nursing home. Can you see what they're playing?

This is silly Baby Girl on one of our trips to take my mom back to the doctor's. Guess where we stopped to eat.

This past Tuesday we took a road trip to the Kentucky Christmas Chorus where we listened to and sang along with the Lexington Singers and the Lexington Philharmonic orchestra. Do you remember about our trip to this last year? I'm happy to report that this year was injury free!

Of course we couldn't leave before we got a picture with Frosty!

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