Thursday, April 26, 2007

Please Say A Prayer For My Baby Girl

It seems like poison ivy just JUMPS out whenever Baby Girl is anywhere within 20 feet of it. All our other kids have been all the same places she has and none of them have ever had poison ivy, but Baby Girl gets it SO easily.

Here is her latest battle. This is, by FAR, the worst she's ever had it and it just doesn't seem to be going away. I took her to the doctor a few days ago and she is taking Prednisone for 10 days as well as an antibiotic (Cephalexin 500MG four times a day!) because the nurse practioner thought it might be setting up a secondary infection.

After 3 days of medicine and two oatmeal baths only her face looks better. She's just miserable! If you could say a little prayer for her I know she would be so thankful.


Anonymous said...

Hope little baby girl feels better soon. Hate to see any of your little ones suffer. Tell her Aunt Cindy sends her a big hug and kiss.
love you all

diane said...

Oh that's so sad! I hope she recovers quickly.

Marshha said...

Poor baby!!!

Wow, that is some terrible poison ivy. Praying for quick healing!