Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Please Pray for Maggie!


Please pray for Maggie, a fellow homeschool mom and a dear FIAR (Five In A Row) sister from Kansas.

She is an amazing lady. While pregnant with her 2nd son 10 years ago she was diagnosed with cancer. So she was home with a 1 year-old son, a newborn preemie baby and going through chemo. The doctor's said she'd never have any more children, but she's had 2 boys since. Praise God! Her boys are now 11, 9, 4, and 1.

Maggi was fine last Thursday (April 12) but woke up feeling like she had the flu Friday and stayed in bed all day. Her husband wound up taking her to the ER early Saturday morning.

Maggi has no spleen (removed due to the cancer) and it seems that is causing her body to not be able to fight whatever this might be. When her husband got her to the hospital she had respiratory failure, liver failure... he said every kind of failure you could think of.

The doctors originally thought she had some form of meningitis. She had all the indications, including swelling of the brain, but all the cultures have come back negative for that. She is currently in an induced coma and they are hoping no brain damage has occured. The last I heard, they will slowly be bringing her out of this so she should be more aware of what's going on.

There has also been limited function of her liver and kidneys. She has been on dialysis some to help with her kidneys.

Maggi is purple all over - like bruising - they are sure that this will all go away, but it will take a month or more and will possibly blister up as it does. Pray that this will go with as little damage as possible! Her skin in general would be good to pray for. She has some dark spots on the bottom of her feet that they say are gangreneous areas - as long as it doesn't spread there will be no amputation, just tissue removal - PRAY it doesn't spread!!!

As of the latest update, the newest prayer request is for Maggi's hands, fingers, legs, feet and toes. Her circulation is really poor and real damage could be done to these extremeties.

I will add any updates as I hear them.

UPDATE: Tuesday, April 24 (1:00 pm)

The doctor wants to make clear how deep in the woods Maggi still is. He put it this way - "Can she survive? Yes. Will she survive? We don't know."

A major concern right now is Maggi's legs. She has no circulation or pulse in them - the tissue is dying. It's not a sure thing that she will lose them, but with every hour that passes like this, it becomes more likely.

Maggi's mom is praying for her to be returned to us WHOLE! But, she also said that if Mag loses her legs, she'll handle it! She's an OT and will know just what to do! Her mom is very strong and full of faith!

Pray for those legs! And for Maggi's life!

UPDATE: Tuesday, April 24 (11:00 pm)

There's not much change. They are giving Maggi extra platelets with her dialysis. They are hoping that this will help with the circulation issues. I don't understand the ins and outs of it, but pray that this will work!

She's a little less "under" - she has responded to requests like "bite your tube if you hear me" and "blink if you hear me" - which seems like a positive, but now John worries that she'll be anxious now that she's more aware.

Finally, Mitch, Maggi's oldest boy, has told his dad that he's scared. This is huge because Mitch isn't what you'd call an "open sharer", if you know what I mean! He's got to be really scared to share that - and understandably so. Please pray for these boys! Tomorrow they'll be at their once a week homeschool support school - normalcy is good, but I'm sure they'll get lots of questions, etc. Lift them up when you think of them tomorrow.

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