Tuesday, January 10, 2006

They ARE listening after all...

Thanks to the 'Random Blog' button at the top of the page (at HomeschoolBlogger.com), I found the most wonderful geography curriculum ever. It's called A Child's Geography and we are all really loving it.

However, today as I was reading about walking up into the troposphere (see, I'm learning something too... I remembered that without even looking!), I had to continuously get on to my 6 year old son. First, for interupting me when I was saying that we were going to 'walk up through the troposhere, well, really nobody can do that...' "Uh huh! God can!" (He does this often and while we're very thankful that he realizes that God can do anything, it gets a bit annoying after a while when everything you say he comes back with a comment about all the great and wonderful and silly and funny and impossible and hard and easy and big and little, etc. etc. etc. things that God can do). Then when we were prentending to walk up further I said, "Ooo, it's getting cold! Got your hat on?" So what does he do but starts to run off to put his hat and gloves on for real. No son, come back here. Finally, we were having fun, being a bit silly and getting our 'oxygen tanks' on when he began making, um, well, 'boy noises' which consisted of his right hand under his left armpit. Needless to say, his 5 year old brother thought this was halariously funny. His sisters and I, however, did not. I don't mind getting a bit silly and having fun with our lessons, but I am not a fan of rude and disgusting body noises while we are trying to learn something.

Anyway, we finished the lesson and I wondered if they're really learning anything or if I was just fooling myself for actually thinking that I'm doing them any good with this home schooling business.

Well, tonight, after putting everyone to bed I was standing in the hallway outside our boy's door folding clothes and my 5 year old said...

'Mom, why did God give us just a little bit of oxygen'? (We learned that the atmosphere is made up of only 21% oxygen).

'Well honey, he gave us just exactly enough because He knows just how much we need to live'.


'But if we breathe it all in, won't we run out'?

'Nope, cause guess what? Guess what helps make more oxygen all the time"?

(Both boys) 'What'?



Guess I know what we'll be talking about tomorrow.

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titus2woman said...

Thanks for this kick~I LOVE this curriculum but have yet to begin! SOO excited to read your glowing review of putting it to practice! (((((HUGS))))) sandi