Friday, January 27, 2006

Have You Checked Out 'A Child's Geography'?

I love that 'Random Blog' button, don't you? (This is referring to a button option at A while back, simply by clicking on that little button, I found the most wonderful Geography for our family. We have been doing it ever since and we all LOVE it!! We're all learning SO much, and best of all, it's written from a Christian point of view. It's not just about countries and continents, our adventure began waaaayyyy out in outer space looking down on God's amazing creation! We are currently in the middle of the atmosphere! This is so much better than anything I ever learned in school.

Up until now, A Child's Geography has only been available in ebook format, but now you can purchase it in book form. And get this. You can get it any way you'd like! Black and white pictures with either spiral bound or perfect bound, or color pictures with either spiral or perfect bound! Now how cool is that?

Here's where I first found Ann Voskamp's A Child's Geography, and here's where you can order the new book versions (you can also still purchase the ebook format here if you'd like).

Check it out, I believe you'll like it. You can even check out the first three chapters for free to see how wonderful this really is for yourself! I'm not even getting anything in return for this review...LOL. I just love it that much!


Titus2woman said...

LOVE it here, too! (((((HUGS))))) sandi~hoping to order a print copy one day....

Anonymous said...

Have you read Ann's blog? Amazing! She is an inspiration.