Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I'm So Excited!

In the four years we have been a home schooling family I have yet to read any home school magazines, unless you count the O~L~D back issues someone was kind enough to give me several years ago that were so full of advertisements and pictures of kids that looked like they were from the Pioneer days that I eventually just tossed them all.

But yesterday I received my very first issue of The Old Schoolhouse magazine and all I can say is WOWZER! It's like, a REAL magazine! The cover is all shiny with a beautiful picture that makes me think of a simpler time... sigh... and it's actually full of entertaining and informative articles, not page after page after page of advertisements. And the advertisements it does has me looking up websites and reading about things I never knew were out there! Wow! It's like having my very own experienced homeschool friend right here with me showing me new things I wasn't aware of.

This magazine is so full of articles that it will provide me with reading material for many days to come, which is good since I had just finished my latest read and was wondering what to pick up next! And these articles are actually about something I'm interested in, not something that will never pertain to me. AND! This whole issue has a 'blog' theme, so it's like taking HSB with me wherever I'm reading!

Funny thing... I have started from the very first page and being my first issue ever, I have read EVERYTHING there is to read, from the list of everyone involved in creating the magazine (gotta see who I 'know') to Copyright info at the bottom of the Business Rules page (which I also read every word of).

There's also a page with pictures and brief descriptions of TOS faculty members and I've read all of them too, including looking up each of their blogs and/or websites! I gotta get to know these people since I'll be reading this magazine for the remainder of our homeschooling journey. (Well, not exactly THIS magazine, although it could possibly last me that long if my little rugrats don't stop bickering and pestering me while I'm reading, but I meant The Old Schoolhouse magazine in general).

Anyway, more thoughts to come as I get more read! Thank you, TOS staff, for putting together a magazine that truly feels like an old trusted friend, even from the very first issue.

Wanna get your own copy? Just click here... and if you subscribe now you'll receive 19 FREE HOMESCHOOLING GIFTS!! I love that word! FREE!


julie said...

I really enjoy reading your blog! I'm sorry you're dropping your Bloglet subscription, because I enjoy getting your updates!

I totally, totally agree with you -- TOS is THE BEST homeschooling magazine out there! I'm gonna share your post with the "powers that be"! hee hee Thanks for your wonderful review!!!

I'm glad you're here at HSB!

jen said...

wow, what a nice review. thanks for your kind words and i am glad that you are enjoying the magazine and that you are part of the HSB community.
:) love jen

drewsfamilytx said...

It's great isn't it? And I can't believe it took me so long to subscribe to could it have been such a great secret for so long?!