Monday, July 19, 2010

Quilt Squares: The Latest

Here are the latest quilt squares I've received.  With only a few left to arrive, we're nearly ready to start working on peicing them together!  I'm excited to see them all start coming together.

This butterfly heart is from Shay Christie.  The picture doesn't show it, but the material is all sparkly!  What little girl doesn't love all things sparkly?!  I love it.

This unique square was made by Ami.  I have never seen a square made like this but I like it!  It's different and fun, and I love the color combination.  Nice job Ami!

Isn't this precious?  This one was made by Marsha, who was also the recipient of a FIAR quilt full of love a couple of years ago.  She said, "I thought any little girl would love her initial on a blanket."  I agree Marsha.  I love this, it's so pretty!

Lisalyn made this square and it AMAZINGLY represents the book, Very Last First Time, her very favorite FIAR book.  Have you seen this book?  I can't believe how much this square looks like the illustrations!  Awesome job Lisalyn!

Isn't this one pretty?  Lis in MA made this one.  What creativity to make the heart like that.  The colors are so pretty.  Nice job Lis!

These next three squares will be the center squares for each of the quilts.  Barb Cash has become our center-square gal for any quilts we make and I think these pictures will make it obvious why.  Thank you for putting your heart into them and making them so special and personal Barb.

And these last three AWESOME squares were made by Kendra AU.  The first two represent the FIAR books Grandfather's Journey and The Bee Tree, while the third one is for Fran's husband Ed's quilt.  See the breast cancer symbol in the middle of the butterfly?  I can't get over how beautiful each of these squares are!  I don't know how she did it, but I want to quilt like Kendra when I grow up!


alecat said...

They're all lovely. :)

Elinette said...

oh I would have loved to do this! Having a new baby girl has really made things more fun and busy so I don't get to go in the FIAR boards too much anymore. Maybe we'll do the quilts when it's her time to row the books. :)