Saturday, January 17, 2009

Welcome Back Blogger

Once you get out of blogging on a regular basis sometimes it's hard to get back to it. There are so many things you'd like to blog about, but where do you start? Some things you'd like to blog about you can't until you blog about other things. It's a vicious circle.

So, what else can one do but just jump right back into it?

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the past month or so...

We are part of a Christmas ornament exchange with our Five in a Row friends every year and these were the ornaments we received this year. This was our third year doing this and we look forward to it every year. These ornaments have become so special to us that this year, after Christmas, I bought a tree just for our FIAR ornaments. I look forward to having an entire tree just for showing these off next year!

My two computer guys. I think they're making a list, and checking it twice!

This is Sweetie's family. Just parents, brothers, sister, brother- and sisters-in-law, neices and nephews, including one neice-in-law. Oh, and one-great nephew! We always get together every Christmas Eve and Santa comes to deliver presents to the kids. Coming from being raised as an only child (my half-brother lived with our dad), gaining a family like this when I married Sweetie was just an added blessing. I LOVE it! That's the main reason we wanted several children.

Our own legion of clone troopers! Aren't grannys just the best?! Such cool presents! (This is the only way my sisters-in-law will let me post pictures of my neices and The previous picture I snuck in because I'm just so darn proud of our family, but no names, no locations, and you can barely see any faces, so I'm hoping I won't be in too much trouble. *kiss kiss*)

How cool will this go with that clone trooper helmet?! This is a 'real' light saber, one much too expensive for mom and dad to buy. But leave it to Santa. He's just the coolest ever!

Our little Miss Hannah Montana!

Papaw and Handsome playing Star Wars. (He never played like this with me when I was little! LOL.)

This picture just cracks me up for some reason. Like the big bad clone troopers are going to speed away on Reece Cup's new electric scooter!

I just had to add this picture. This is my mom and FORMER step-dad. You see, they've known each other for 32 years (I'm 33, so basically my entire life). They'd been together since I was 5, married when I was 9, divorced when I was 23, and are now back together after ten years of being divorced. What a love story. They act just like a couple of teenagers courting each other. It's so cute.

And thanks to my mom and Wal-Mart's Black Friday sales, our DVD collection is added to every Christmas. But those 6 seasons of Gilmore Girls, those are MINE! Sweetie bought me those because it's just the BEST show EVER!

And finally, last but not least, how cool is it to watch all those new movies on Sweetie's new 61" DLP HDTV!!! Yeah, I'm Wife-of-the-Year, what can I say? (In case you're in the market for a new TV, Sweetie is an electronics nut and researched all the different kinds of TVs and decided that the DLP's with LCD bulbs have the brightest picture and will last the longest. Plus you can get a much bigger screen size for a lot less money.)

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Leslie said...

Loved seeing your FIAR ornaments! Too cute! Thanks for visiting my blog. I lost most of my links and have been slowing finding my friends again.