Saturday, January 24, 2009

Good-bye Mr. President

I know many may disagree with me, and I'll admit, maybe as President he didn't do everything the way I wish he would have, but I have to say, as a person I have always really liked George Bush. He just seems to be a down-home good ole' boy who enjoys hard work and would be so friendly and enjoyable to sit down and talk with, he and Mrs. Bush as well. Who wouldn't love to sit and talk with her?

I always hated when people would make fun of George Bush and those who would be ugly or disrespectful to him really irritated me. The love and honor he showed our troops, the high respect he had for the Oval Office, and sticking to his beliefs and what he felt was best no matter what opposition he received just made me like him all the more.

I'll tell you this, although we may not agree with what they do, none of us know what it's like to literally have the weight of the world on our shoulders so we should be much slower to speak and much quicker to pray for our Presidents,e. no matter WHO they are. So as a final good-bye to a man I'd love to meet but never be, here's a video that nearly brought tears to my eyes...


Halfmoon Girl said...

I am your neighbour up here in Canada. I like the moral stands George Bush took- not many Canadians speak highly of him, but I will miss him. He does seem very approachable. Great video- hope he sees it.

Lawanda said...

That was a sweet video. I loved the pic of him and Laura :)

I liked him as a person, even though I did disagree with some of what he did. But it would be hard to be pres. I think he did it with honor, personally. He WAS likable/approachable. :)