Monday, July 14, 2008

My How Time Flies

My little man, my first-born son, my baby boy is growing up way too fast. Here are just a few pictures I've captured of him lately. Can he really be 9 already?

He came up with his own 'recipe' and made breakfast for everyone. And let me tell you, it was very yummy!

Here he is catching up on all the latest news.

And this is the day he got to go to work with dad. In case you're wondering just exactly what Sweetie does that he can wear shorts, sandals, and a hat to work, it was a Saturday and he was just going in to install some software. Aren't they cute? Handsome picked his clothes out only after he saw what dad was wearing. He's even wearing a plain white T-shirt under his orange shirt, just like dad! He's at the age where he simply worships his dad. It's so precious... I hope it lasts forever.

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Marsha said...

Oh the outfits make it even more precious! Austin (aka Dash) is almost nine years old... and he went to work with daddy tonight too. They fly back early in the morning and he begged to be able to wear his pilot shirt. :-) Poor kid had to wear a collared shirt so his "pilot" t-shirt was out of the question. He got over it though! They always have a good time when it's one-on-one... and it doesn't hurt to be able to stay in a hotel with a swimming pool!