Saturday, March 8, 2008

Not My Proudest Parenting Moment

Last Saturday the girls and I went Easter dress shopping with my mom and while we were in JC Penney I had one of those shocking, embarrassing, yet not-really-funny-but-I'm-so-shocked-I-have-to-laugh moments.

Princess was looking at some shirts about 10 feet away from me that looked like girl's jerseys. I guess she didn't like them because I heard her say, "Well, what the h*ll did they make these for?"!!! WHAT?!? Instantly the scene from A Christmas Story comes to mind. I couldn't believe I had just heard those words come out of my little girl's mouth. Surely I'd heard her wrong, but when I looked her way and saw two other moms trying to hide their snickers I knew I had heard right.

I went over to her and said, "What did you just say?" and sure enough, she polietly answered my question with what I didn't want to hear her say again. Talk about a drop-everything-and-train-the-heart moment! We had us a gentle little talk right there in JC Penney. She was genuinely sorry and couldn't tell me where she had heard those words, although I have a pretty good idea. (Note to self: the TV doesn't get turned on until after the kids are in bed. It's so bad anymore that even normal shows during the day are full of profanity!)

Anyway, so we go on with our shopping and as we walk into the men's department she notices a very sharply dressed gentleman and blurts out, "WHOA! Look at HIM!" while pointing. I guess she was very impressed with him. LOL! I must say, she does have good taste, but we might need to work on her tact. But I think it made this man's day. He just smiled real big and said, "Well, I've heard worse!"

Out of the mouths of babes, aye? She definitely kept us tickled all day.

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cltgrace said... funny! We've had those "hell"acious moments ourselves. It just makes life interesting, eh? Like when my youngster annouced at choir practice "Sometimes I still want to nurse but my mom don't have no more milk." Oh joy!