Thursday, September 6, 2007

You Do Whatcha Gotta Do

We are a 6-member family in a very small home, less than 1200 square feet. So, as with many other things in life, sometimes you just have to find the best way to make things work.

Since we school at our kitchen counter, I really needed to have all our curriculum close. So here's my solution...

I rearranged our kitchen cupboards and now have everything we need each day right at my fingertips. Notice all the Five In A Row things!

Here's another shot of my school cabinet. Last spring I was getting frustrated at needing a place to leave some things up that the kids needed to see each day, but when you school in a small kitchen you don't have many options. My solution was to tape up those things on the inside of the cabinet door! I can open it for the kids during school (it's facing directly at where they sit) and it's closed and out of the way the rest of the time. What is it they say? Neccessity is the mother of invention?

And for those of you who use Math U See, here's our Decimal Street! Yes, it used up a lot of ink, but it is SO much better than my pitiful drawing we were using before...LOL.


Jenny said...

It looks great Christy! In my last house, we did the same thing.

Marsha said...

Great idea, Christy!

And your decimal street looks SO much better than my posterboard of it. All the new Primer/Alpha books actually come with a preprinted one now. Lucky-duckies.

Autumn said...

Cool idea. But you used your kitchen cabinets? Where do you keep the dishes? lol, our kitchen is huge and the cabinets are still all full of dishes.
We keep our books in bookshelves in the dining room. It doesn't exactly look great. The cabinets would conceal them really well!

CB said...

Hey Christy ... you commented on my school cabinet and I thought it would be fun to return the comment! Great use of your space! And your blog is really beautiful with all your photos!