Thursday, September 27, 2007

Long Time, No Blog

Where in the world have I been? Obviously everywhere but here!

We have been staying so very busy, with two boys playing football that causes us to be gone 4-5 evenings a week (but the regular season is almost over, thank goodness). The kids have also started Christmas play practice at church, with Baby Girl having the lead role and this year, guess who gets the lead adult role? Yep, you guessed it. Me! I volunteered out of a bit of selfish reasoning. You see, I was doing pretty good losing some extra pounds and I thought having a role in the play would keep me motivated to keep losing. (Isn't that a terrible reason? Blush.) But, I gave up on the very strict diet I was following, even though I dropped 14 pounds in 8 days. Sigh... So, now I've got this big ole role to go along with my big ole be-hind! Oh well. Maybe I'll still get some pounds off by doing what the Lord told me to do years ago. The one and only thing that has ever worked for me. Weight Watchers.

Sweetie also helps coach high school football, so this time of year our lives revolve around the beloved sport. Sweetie's at practice every afternoon and we are at games nearly every Friday night.

Add in trying to homeschool, keep a half-way decent home (which isn't even HALF WAY decent right now), help Sweetie with his business, and church duties and responsibilities, well, we just don't seem to have enough time to even enjoy our favorite season of the year! Happy sigh... don't you just love fall?

Anyway, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth... yet. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to blogging regularly soon. I have to! I have pictures to share!! Don't you just love looking at other bloggers pictures?

Oh, and we also had a dear friend from church die this past Monday. She was only 42 and leaves behind her loving husband, a 17 year old son and a 15 year old daughter. Please say a prayer for them, they are hurting so much. Lisa left no doubt where her heart was and we know she is now in the arms of Jesus, completely healed and praising her Lord and Saviour. Yet, those of us left behind are brokenhearted at losing her.


Rachel said...

It was great seeing your family yesterday. What a beautiful, fun afternoon at the park.
Sports really do eat up ALOT of time!!! And yet, boys/men love it so much!!! I hate that it eats away from family time, but at the same time, love that they can participate in something that brings them so much pleasure. AND I love cheering them on from the sidelines!!!

Marsha said...

We are in the midst of soccer season-- and it has just begun! Oi. I. am. tired.

But the boys and hubby love it.

Congrats on the roles for you and your daughter! We've begun choir practice every Sunday afternoon for the Christmas play as well. Plus, it is time to decorate and plan for our missions conference. Oh and we're moving the next couple of weeks and I really wanted to throw David 35th b-day party. *sigh* And my three sisters visited for the weekend and my cousin from Korea that I have not seen since I was 5 years old will be visiting in a couple of weeks.

I think I am in way over my head.

But God is in control and I have to turn each day over to Him! I most definitely know I can't do it alone.

You are brave with your 5 practices a week!

I will be praying for the family of your friend. What a wonderful legacy to leave your family-- the knowledge and surety that you are at the feet of Jesus! It is so hard for those left behind... and she was so young too.

Praying for you this week, my busy friend!