Monday, May 1, 2006

G*y-Themed Storybooks Challenged in Court

Two families have filed suit in federal court just weeks after learning that a second-grade teacher read a story that celebrated a marriage between two men.

Joseph and Robin Wirthlin, along with David and Tonia Parker, argue the school district undermined parental rights by teaching their children about a lifestyle they consider immoral, The Associated Press reported.

A teacher at Estabrook Elementary in Lexington, Mass., read aloud the book, King and King, in which a prince passes up several princesses before falling in love with another prince. Included is a candid illustration of their wedding kiss.

Robin Wirthlin, whose son is in second grade this year, wanted to be the one to teach her child about h*m*s*xuality.

"I think there are people who have a real agenda that they're trying to promote and teach the children," she said.

Just last year, Parker was arrested at Estabrook after he refused to leave the school until officials allowed him to opt his child out of lessons about h*m*s*xuality done under the guise of diversity.

Paul Ash, superintendent of the school district, said since g*y marriage is legal in the state, teachers are just teaching about the world kids live in.

Jeffrey Denner, attorney for the two families, said the school district violated his clients' right to privacy and freedom of religion when they discussed the topic of g*y marriage without permission.

"Parents need to be the ones to determine when it is introduced," he said, "and how it is introduced."

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grandmommy said...

I wish I could say that I'm shocked but the truth is that I am no longer shocked by such events as this.

When I was in school, the school sent notes home to inform parents when certain material would be presented. (At that time, discussing the menstrual cycle was considered to be objectionable and notes were sent home). I can only imagine what topics they discuss in class now that parents never know anything about.

I'm proud of the students for informing the parents and of the parents for listening to their children.