Friday, November 12, 2010

Update on Fran's Quilts

I find myself thinking of Fran quite a bit these days.  It's fast approaching the holidays, my very favorite time of year.  It was also Fran's favorite.  She loved Christmas.  I mean she really, really loved it! 

Like Fran, in my book once November gets here it IS the holiday season.  (Of course, the season of celebrating officially begins in October for me because my birthday is in October-is there any better month to have a birthday?  I think not!- and we have our annual Harvest party in our back yard with all our family and friends).

This will be the first Christmas of our married life that we have not had a real tree.  It was a hard decision, but for the past couple of years hubby has burned our live tree after Christmas and as soon as a spark hit the tree it went up instantly, nearly disintegrating right before his eyes.  Not much scares him, but that did.  He said it was the fastest, biggest, hottest fire he had ever seen and if that ever happened inside our house that there wouldn't be any time to save our house.  So, an artificial one it is, and we're good with that!

But because we have to do our decorating in spurts this year so daddy can get in on the fun (his job is keeping him working crazy hours) we have already set up the tree but we haven't gotten any other decorations out yet.  So here we sit, pre-lit Christmas tree sitting up in our living room along with all our fall/harvest decorations all over the house.  That's what has me thinking of Fran.

A couple of years ago Fran couldn't wait any longer to get her Christmas tree out, so since it was before Thanksgiving she turned it into a Thankful Tree.  I LOVE the idea, and as I sit here looking at my new, bare (except for the white lighes that came on it) Christmas tree surrounded by fall colors and decorations I keep thinking of Fran's tree.  I want to do this, in honor of Fran, with my children and our new tree!  Sadly, I should have done it a few days ago when we actually set the tree up because when daddy gets home tonight he's getting the rest of the decorations out and the tree will be bare no more.  Oh wait!  I just remembered!  We have an extra tree that will be coming out tonight that we usually put our Five in a Row ornaments on each year!  We can use that until thanksgiving!  YES!

Here's one of my very favorite quilt squares I received for one of Fran's quilts.  It represents her Thankful Tree.  This one made makes me cry.  It was made by Christi in Virginia for Ed's quilt.  Isn't it a beautiful representation?

Which brings me to the main reason for this blog entry.  Fran's quilts.

Mary Lou has finished putting together all three quilt tops!  Now they are ready to head to the lady who will do the actual quilting, and she says she will get them done before Christmas!  I can't WAIT to hand deliver them to Ed, Emma, and Eden.  What a Christmas this will be, for Ed and the girls, but also for Marcy and I who will have the honor of presenting them to the family.

For all those who contributed, and for all those who are coming along on this precious journey with us through this blog, here are the three quilt tops. 

They are, in order, Ed's, Emma's, and Eden's...

For anyone who would still like to contribute to the quilts, now is the time when we will need to have the funds for the quilting so any monetary donation is greatly needed and appreciated.  We have had some FIAR sisters contribute but I'm afraid more will be needed.  Any extra money left over, along with a note with the names of all who participated in one way or another, will be given to Ed when we deliver the quilts. 

If you are interested in contributing just leave a comment here and I will get in touch with you.  (Please leave your contact info, whether that be email, blog, whatever.)

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