Monday, November 22, 2010

For Sale

I have updated my previous For Sale post with the items I still have left for sale.  As I sit decluttering our schoolroom I have come upon several more items that I simply can't take pictures of nor look up prices for right now but I wanted to list them here for anyone who might be interested in anything.  If you see anything you'd like a price on just let me know and I'll get back with you ASAP.  (At some point I plan on coming back and editing this post with prices, descriptions, links, etc. but for now just a quick list will have to do.

-Easy Grammar, Grade 4
-Easy Grammar, Grade 6
-Time Travelers, New World Explorers
-The Mystery of History, Vol. 1
-Christian Kids Explore Physics
-Abeka Western Hemisphere Geography Studies & Projects, Grade 8, Student Text and Teacher Key
-Abeka Phonics, Reading, & Spelling Lesson Plans, Grade 2


The Unsell Family said...

Christi- let me know how much you want for the Time Travelers. Is it the CD? I might be interested in this.
~Jen Unsell

Christy said...

Hey Jen. Yes, it is the CD along with a binder full of pages I have already printed out. You can see all about it here...

I am asking $20 and that does include the shipping. It's all in like new condition. We LOVED it and will soon be starting their Civil War one!

Just let me know.