Friday, October 29, 2010

For Sale

Well, it's the time again.  Time to purge and declutter the bookshelves. 

This is List 1 of the things I HAVE to get rid of. I have four big boxes of curriculum and books sitting in my den and they have to be gone by the third week of November when we get our Christmas decorations out! If you are interested in anything just send me a message here. Pictures, further descriptions and shipping cost provided upon request. (Didn't have time to do that. Just trying to move the stuff as quickly as possilble and still have 3 boxes to list.)

Thanks for looking!
-Abeka Grammar & Composition II, Grade 8, Work Text ( (first 13 pages of nearly 400 were done) and Teacher's Key ( - $23.00 for both

-Abeka Land That I Love text, Grade 8, brand new! ( - $18.00

-Abeka Exploring God's World, Grade 3 (, Text and Tests/Quizzes/Worksheets book ( (First 2 chapters done), Teacher Key ( - $22.00

-Abeka Our America, Grade 2 History/Geography (some answers have been written in book but have been erased) - $8.00

-Abeka Heatlh, Safety, & Manners 2 (like new) - $9.00

-Abeka Enjoying God's World 2 (very minimal writing that has been erased) - $9.00

-Abeka Developing Good Health, Grade 4, like new - $9.00

-Abeka Science Order & Reality, Grade 7, like new (, set of 13 tests from Christian Liberty along with Answer Key (all unused) - $23.00 for all)

-Set of 25 Abeka readers, ranging from reading level 1.6 to 4.4 – These books average $10.75 each if you purchased them from Abeka. I am asking $2.50 each or $50.00 for all 25 books. Titles and/or pictures available upon request.

-Reading Made Easy. ( Cover shows wear, but pages are in great shape. Slight dog-earing on a few of the pages. Retails for $50. I'm asking $25.00.

-“Dearer Than Life”, a Salem Ridge Press book ( Brand new. $10.00


All American x5 said...

I might be interested in the Dear America book. How much are you asking for shipping???

You can contact me at allamericanfamilyx5@gmail(dot)com

Christy said...

I currently have someone interested in that. If for some reason the sale falls through I will be sure to let you know.